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ArchitectureHDH Associates, P.C. is committed to the goal of ensuring that the services we provide are of the highest quality. To that end, we create personalized programs for each of our clients. Our in-house experts work as teams, transforming ideas into designs that work consistently over time, all the while keeping our focus on efficiency, cost control and schedule adherence. The end result, simply stated, is client satisfaction.

HDH Associates, P.C. believes that the first obligation of a designer is to consider and satisfy the needs of the client. Primary attention must be given to project function within the constraints of the client’s budget. After meeting the project functions, attention will be directed toward the preparation of professional documents that focus on a successful project.

HDH Associates, P.C. design optimal solutions for upgrading brick, stone, and masonry. Exterior restoration consists of improvements to the building envelope that will increase the overall value and life of the structure.

HDH Associates, P.C. specializes in the design of roofing and waterproofing. Our professionals services include roof evaluations, design of new and replacement roofing systems, and development of contract documents. In addition to design, we offer quality assurance observations, moisture surveying, and gravimetric analysis. Our team of professionals possesses expertise gained from years of experience & a dedication to continuing education.


EngineeringHDH Associates, P.C. offers quality engineering design and consulting services by registered professionals experienced in the analysis, design, specification, cost estimation and construction administration for numerous educational, institutional, commercial, industrial, religious, and residential facilities. Architectural and engineering disciples work together as a project team, thereby assuring continuity of communication and coordination among all disciplines.

HDH Associates, P.C. Mechanical Department is made up of experienced and highly qualified engineers, and designers dedicated to producing innovative and cost effective engineering designs. These designs can include heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and structural for commercial, governmental, and educational buildings.

We believe the early and continuous participation by the engineers in the planning process insures efficient design allocations for equipment and ultimately improves the quality of the construction documents.


EnvironmentalHDH Associates, P.C. is dedicated to the concerns of environmental issues associated with construction. Our environmental team can provide assessments, design, and project monitoring relating to asbestos containing building materials and lead, as well as, assessments for indoor air quality. Our affiliation with HDH Technical, Inc. and Blacksburg Environmental Solutions and Training broadens our scope of services to include additional field services, written programs, and training associated with environmental and health issues.

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Construction Management & Inspection

Construction ManagementOur Construction Management team draws their expertise from years of experience in the design field and hands on experience that encompasses a full range of projects. From civil and utilities work to renovations and restorations and new building construction. HDH Associates, P.C. has the personnel and expertise to develop and manage construction specific to the owners wants and needs. From developing construction schedules, monitoring construction progress and sub consultants to reviewing submittals, and pay requests. Our department takes pride in keeping the owner, the contractor, consultants, and the local authorities informed from project conception to completion.